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Our crews are constantly installing or replacing broken bollards. When it comes to installing bollards there are multiple factors to consider. Bollards range from 3.5" to 10" in size. Some are attached to concrete footers, some are bolted to the ground, while others are concreted in the ground. Some areas require them to be deeper than other areas so they stay below the frost line. So let our team of experts determine the size, strength, and quantity of needed for your project. 



Concrete is the most widely used and versatile product on the market. Every building constructed in the country used concrete for one reason or another. There are multiple uses for this product. Concrete can be stamped, Troweled, broomed, floated, stained, colored, blocked, and many more. Concrete can be poured on average from 3000 to 5500 psi. Some need fiber mesh, rebar, or wire mesh while others need nothing. Leave all of this thinking to us, the experts. We know what you need to complete your project correctly . 


Crack Filling

Hot rubber crack filler is used to stop water from getting under the asphalt. Once water is under the asphalt it can be easily broken, especially if driven on. Our hot rubber tanker holds 200 gallons of crack filler and can handle any project large or small. The  diesel powered melter heats the material to 450 degrees or until smooth. Then our technicians fill 10 gallon machines and walk around your property filling all cracks 1/4 inch or larger. Most lots have minor crack filling but when you get to larger scale filling sometimes if best to cut that area out and replace it or in some cases overlay your property. We can easily help you determine this . 




Line striping is key to making your property look great and giving it that " Finish" look. Some parking lots might only need a re stripe rather than a pave or seal. Let us help you determine this.  Our experts have the knowledge in recognizing  something that might not even need done. White, blue, or yellow are the most common line stripe colors. We always try to give the best look when it comes to your lot so we use the best paint available. 95% of our projects striped has Sherwin Williams paint. This paint is high in solids and maintains its great look even after a couple years of consistent traffic. 



Most lots need sealed to replenish that parking lot to its formal glory. There is nothing we love to see more than a fresh sealed parking lot with new stripes. It literally brings it back to life. Our asphalt sealer mix design has sand, rubber, latex, and epoxy in it. With this combination it gives it the longest sealer life possible. After your parking lot is cleaned and prepped our spray masters will give your parking lot 2 coats minimum with a 3rd coat on all turning radiuses. We use this process on all parking lots. 



There are a few different kinds of asphalt on the market. Its up to us as a company to determine the thickness and asphalt type per your parking lot and area. Some lots are new while others might need to be overlaid. Our team of experts determine this since all lots are different. Some companies will tell you need one thing but not another. If your parking not is not correctly the first time then cracks will start forming in the first year or less. Our team will always strive to come out and give you quality product you deserved and paid for.

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